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Self Build DIYGarden Room Kits

Prices starting from £7,210
Can be installed in a little as 2 days
Easy fix together sections
Already clad walls
88mm x 70mm wall framework
Can be installed with a few basic tools
No need for lots of cutting
No need for a nail gun
Excellent customer support
Quality PIR insulation used
Quality pressure treated timber used
Double glazed UPVC windows and doors
Kit includes all fixings & sealants
Kit includes damp proofing
10 year guarantee

Unlike a lot of the self build kits on the market, we do not cut corners in the design and construction. We include vital elements like damp proofing, quality PIR insulation, waterproof breathable membranes, correct sized timbers and pressure treated timber. All these details make our easy build kit a quality, long lasting building. 


Our easy build garden rooms are made with the highest quality materials and can be installed in as little as a couple of days. by two people. Only basic tools like a drill, spirit level, hammer and hand saw are required. Everything but the finishing trims are pre-cut. You don't need a chop saw or nail gun as all the wall sections come pre-clad already. There are cavities in the walling to run electrics, so no need to have cables run on the outside of the walls in conduit for your sockets like other self build kits.

Get in touch for more details. We can custom make these building to any size. We can also install them for you if you preferred.

Self build DIY garden room

Prices & sizes

Experience the beauty of the outdoors in the comfort of your own garden room. Contact us today to start building your dream space.
07775 654002

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